Laracon Online - Summer 2021

Ticket Sponsorship

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Your friends at Tighten and Laracon are coordinating with other good folks within the Laravel world to find members and prospective members of the Laravel community who would like to attend Laracon but can't afford it. We're primarily focusing on members of demographic groups that are traditionally underrepresented at tech conferences.

The ticket count below represents the number of tickets donated thus far, and will be updated as additional tickets are sponsored.

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After we reach 0 applicants, we'll add all further applicants to a wait list, and work to find other potential sponsors to welcome as many folks as possible to the conference.

Would you like to join us?

Please complete the application form below! You will receive an email notice within a few days confirming your registration or waitlist status.

The last date to apply is August 27, 2021.

Sorry, but the scholarship offer is now over.


The following groups and individuals have pledged to sponsor conference tickets

You can also gift tickets yourself, thanks to the efforts of the Laracon team! Visit their Scholarship Page to learn more.